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Philips Respironics System One BiPAP AutoSV (ASV) Advanced 960 BiLevel - Auto BiPAP Machine Package

Philips Respironics System One BiPAP AutoSV (ASV) Advanced 960 BiLevel - Auto BiPAP Machine Package

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Philips Respironics System One BiPAP AutoSV (ASV) Advanced 960 BiLevel - Auto BiPAP Machine Package

This is the HOLY GRAIL of CPAP and BIPAP therapy! It is the BEST that currently exists. Read below to find out why.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford one of the more updated ASV BiPAPs, such as the next generation up - the Philips Respironics Dreamstation ASV BiPAP or the Resmed Aircurve 10 ASV BiPAP, then this System One Auto ASV BiPAP may be right for you.

NOTICE: This machine has been recalled because a piece of fabric inside the machine was causing some people to develop cancer. The carcinogenic effects were made worse by the use of the SoClean sanitizing system. USE THIS MACHINE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any harmful effects this machine may have on you. If you do decide to use this machine, then do not use the SoClean with it.  We are only keeping this machine available for people who swear by it and are willing to take the risk.

INCLUDED: All items in picture are included. BiPAP Machine, humidifier, power cords, brand new hose, filter(already installed), and carry case. (all you need is a mask)

Condition: Pre-owned. In excellent condition. Tested, works great. All items have been sanitized in accordance with the clinical guidelines.

Choose your condition: We have them lightly used (under 1000 hours) or very used (over 1000 hours)

Warranty: Our 3 year warranty applies to brand new and lightly used machines only. We do not warranty our very used machines.

Returns: 60 day return period. If it does not work for you, then send it back for a refund. See our 'Return' tab for more info.

There are several models of the System One, such as the C-flex, A-Flex, SE, BiPAP Pro, and others, but the ASV Auto BiPAP is the BEST Auto BiPAP of it's generation! The Sytem One ASV Auto BiPAP is the most effective option that is indicated to treat both obstructive and central sleep apnea.(read below to find out why) And it automatically adjusts itself so you don't even need a sleep study!

We have optimized all the settings in the machine so you will sleep like a baby. Just put your mask on and you are all set.

Comes with carry case, brand new hose, humidifier, and power cords. All you need is your own mask.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions OR TO MAKE US AN OFFER  910-520-9859

ASV stands for Adaptive Servo Ventilation - it is indicated for the treatment of complex and central sleep apneas. The biggest difference between the ASV machine and the other CPAP/BIPAP machines is the ASV machine does not require you to inhale for it to work.  If you do not inhale, the ASV machine will force an inhalation into you. 

The other CPAP/BIPAP machines require you to be able to inhale, to some extent, in order for them to work.  In other words, the other CPAP/BIPAP machines need you to initiate the inhalation so the machine can finish it.  But the ASV machine is different than all the other CPAP/BiPAP machines because the ASV will force an inhalation whether you initiate the inhalation or not. That's why this machine is the HOLY GRAIL for both obstructive and central sleep apnea. 


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