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1. How do I know which machine is best for me?

If you have never been on a CPAP machine before, and suspect you have sleep apnea, then your best bet is to start on an Auto CPAP machine such as the Resmed Airsense 10 with Autoset, or the Luna auto CPAP machine, or the Resvent auto CPAP machine.  We have many auto CPAP machines on our first page - please read through these and choose the one that fits your needs and budget the best.

2. Which mask should I use?

The clinical guidelines recommend that everyone be started on a nasal mask because a nasal mask is not as cumbersome as a full-face mask. However, most people cannot use a nasal mask because their mouth drops open at night and they breath through their mouth or they have nasal congestion. Therefore, I recommend a full-face mask to anyone starting out. The Resmed Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask is what I currently use and recommend to anyone who is starting out. Most men wear a size large; whereas, most women will wear a size medium or small. If you can tolerate a nasal mask, then our most popular nasal mask is the Resmed P10 - please see our mask section.

3. How much humidity do I need?

The amount of humidity you need is based on how much dryness you can tolerate. For example, i live in the south (North Carolina) where it is always very humid. The humidity is so high that I do not need to put water in the humidifier. I wake up and my mouth, tongue, and nose are slightly dry, but not painfully dry to the point that I cannot tolerate it. If you live in Texas or a place that is very dry, then you may want to use the humidifier. All of my machines come set with the humidity already set at level 4. Simply fill the humidifier up with water and try it out at level 4. If that is not enough humidity, then I can help you increase your humidity settings to level 8. If the dryness is still too painful, then I recommend adding the heated tube for additional humidity.

4. Do I really need a sleep study?

No, you do not need a sleep study because our machines come already programmed with our most popular settings that we have found to work the best for most people. Normally, if your doctor suspects you have sleep apnea, then he will recommend you get a sleep study. The sleep study helps to diagnose whether you have sleep apnea, it tells you how many apneas you have per hour, and it lets the doctor know which pressures your CPAP machine should be set at. Even though you do not need a sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea, we recommend everyone get a sleep study because a sleep study will show you exactly what pressure settings will work best for you.  If you are experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea such as snoring, constantly waking up in the middle of the night, or waking up feeling exhausted and drained of energy - and you do not have the thousands of dollars to pay for a sleep study - then you are welcome to try our most popular settings.

5. How can I monitor my sleep apnea myself?

If you have health insurance and can afford to pay a sleep clinic to monitor and adjust your therapy, then that is the best way to go. However, many people cannot afford to pay a sleep clinic to monitor their therapy, so they go without. I recommend monitoring your therapy based on your symptoms. If your symptoms, such as daytime sleepiness, snoring, and body pains, are getting worse or not improving; then you may need to adjust your therapy yourself. If you are the kind of person that likes to look at your own data and draw conclusions from it, then you can use the DCIM chip already in your machine. Simply take your DCIM chip and upload your data to the Myair database. Resmed offers the Myair app to anyone who wants to see their sleep score. You can set it up so that your Airsense 10 or Aircurve 10 sends automatic updates to your phone or computer in the form of a sleep score. Personally, I have never monitored my data because the settings in my machine were adequate – but I do recommend using the Myair app to monitor your therapy.

6. Do you accept insurance? 

We do not accept insurance.  And we do not work with insurance in any way, shape, or form. 

7. How do I setup my CPAP machine?

Setting up your CPAP machine is very easy. All of our CPAP machine packages come with a machine, water tank, power cord, and 6 foot tubing. Simply plug the power cord in, attach the six foot tubing, and attach your water tank - that's it!  The only other thing you will need in addition to our CPAP packages is a mask - please see our mask section to choose the mask you want.  Attach your mask to the other end of the 6 foot tubing, then put your mask on, and fall asleep - we have programmed the machine to turn on automatically for you so you should not need to push any buttons.  Many of our customers choose not to use the water tank because it requires a lot of maintenance - so they plug the water tank in without putting any water in it.  If you live in a dry part of the country, then fill your water tank up to the line on the tank - that's it!   A machine package and a mask if all you need to get started tonight.  Here is a short video that will show you the basics give additional tips about how to setup your machine


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