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My wife stopped elbowing me at night because the CPAP stopped my snoring. I love this CPAP! Thanks again.  Brian Voss, Austin, Texas

I've tried CPAP machines from all over, but only The Perfect CPAP worked the best because it did not cause my mask to leak.  Victor Sinclair New York, New York

I slept better than I have in years. Thank you to The Perfect CPAP. ~Tom Nelson Los Angeles, California

My doctor's prescription had expired several years ago and my doctor told me that i would have to come back in for another sleep study and pay the $3000 to pay for the sleep study and the doctor visit.  i did not have the money for the sleep study, but the guys at The Perfect CPAP were able to find the best pressure settings for me.  And now i am sleeping good again.  Thank you.  Muhammad Hassain Chicago, illinois

i was having some symptoms of sleep apnea such as snoring, waking up at night, and waking up feeling very tired. It had gotten so bad that i would frequently fall asleep behind the wheel while driving.  And i do not have enough money for the sleep study and doctor visit so i contacted The Perfect CPAP and they set me up with their most popular machine and mask.  And now i am sleeping well again and feeling much better.  Thank you Perfect CPAP.  Li Wang, San Antonio, Texas

I have been suffering from congestive heart failure and COPD for several years now and i have been having symptoms of sleep apnea.  But i have not been able to see the doctor.  I contacted The Perfect CPAP and they recommended a bipap because of my CHF and COPD.  I feel much better using the auto bipap. Thank you so much.  Bob Johnson, Boston Massachusetts 

i needed a second cpap machine for my vacation home, but i could not find my prescription.  The Perfect CPAP solved my problem by helping me find my pressure settings in my other cpap machine and they were able to program my second machine correctly.  thanks again Doug Roberts Boise, Idaho

my Philips machine was recalled and i could not afford a brand new machine.  The Perfect CPAP recommended a much cheaper machine that would work just as good as my Philips machine and for only $400. i will be doing business with you again. Victor Lopez Houston, Texas

i have a genetic defect that prevents my brain from breathing adequately at night.  but i am not overweight.  The Perfect CPAP recommended an ASV unit for my central sleep apnea and it has been a life saver!  Jim Gordon Jacksonville, Florida

The guys at The Perfect CPAP will genuinely help you. i called The Perfect CPAP to buy a cpap machine and the guy i talked to said if i lost weight, then it could cure my sleep apnea. the guy recommended the Atkins/keto diet. i lost 100 pounds within 12 months of starting the diet and i no longer need my cpap machine. it feels like i have my life back  Pablo Hernandez Albuquerque, New Mexico

i do not know much about cpap machines, but i called and spoke with the guys at perfect cpap and they recommended their most popular cpap machine and mask.  i am sleeping better now and i feel much better. i recommend perfect cpap to anyone who is as clueless as i am  Kim Chang Chino, California


The Perfect CPAP

3500 Oleander Dr

Wilmington, NC 28403

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