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Resmed Airsense 11 Auto CPAP Machine NEW - auto cpap machine package

Resmed Airsense 11 Auto CPAP Machine NEW - auto cpap machine package

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Resmed Airsense 11 Auto CPAP Machine NEW - auto cpap machine package

Condition: Brand New

This listing is for a NEW machines only.  If you would like a used Airsense 11, then you can find them here:

Included: Machine, water tank, power cord, non heated tubing, carry case, and filter. (all you need is mask to go with it. click on the 'mask' tab to see our selection of masks. the full face mask is our most popular seller because it is working the best for most people)

Heated Tubing: We now have the heated tube for the Airsense 11 in stock. If you would like to add one to your cart, then please go here:

Filters for S11: Our S11 machines come with 1 filter, but if you would like more, then you can find them here:

VERY IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING THIS MACHINE: We do not accept insurance and we do not work with insurance in any way, shape, or form. Also, we do not require a prescription, but if you would like us to program your machine with your doctor's rx, then we MUST have your rx 24 hours before you place the order on our site. If we do not have your rx at the time that we receive your order, then your machine will ship using our default programming. Please read the 'rx' tab at the top of our website.

New features: The airsense 11 is an upgrade to the airsense 10. The airsense 11 has two breathing algorithms to choose from - the 'For Him' and the 'For Her'. Resmed is no longer making a 'For Her' machine because the airsense 11 contains both algorithms built into the machine. And the airsense 11 has 3 models built within it - AutoSet, CPAP and Elite. The CPAP and Elite models are fixed, consistent pressure settings; whereas, the autoset is self-adjusting. Also, the airsense 11 is smaller than the airsense 10 making the airsense 11 a better option to travel with. In addition, the airsense 11 has a touch screen; whereas, the airsense 10 does not have a touch screen.

Programming/settings: We program this machine for you to maximize your air intake while minimizing discomfort. If you would like to learn more about our proprietary settings, then please read the full description of our airsense 10.

THREE YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED - on both lightly used and brand new machines - If the machine breaks, through no fault of your own, then we will replace it for free.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Go to 'Contact Us' at the top of our website and send us an email with your name and what questions you have. All emails are replied to within 24 hours.

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