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Resvent Auto CPAP iBreeze 20A Heated Humidifier - Auto CPAP Machine Package

Resvent Auto CPAP iBreeze 20A Heated Humidifier - Auto CPAP Machine Package

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Resvent Auto CPAP iBreeze 20A Heated Humidifier - Auto CPAP Machine Package 

A quick summary of this machine:  If you cannot afford to buy the most recent model such as Airsense 10 or the Airsense 11 or the Dreamstation 2, then this generic model machine will work just as good as the brand name machines.  This Resvent machine comes equipped with everything that the brand name models have including the 'auto' feature and the 'smartstart' feature and more. This machine is just as good as the brand name, more expensive models such as Resmed and Philips and this machine is selling at a much less price than the brand name machines.  This machine and a mask is all you need to start using this machine tonight.  Just plug it in, put your mask on, and fall asleep - the machine will already be programmed with our most popular settings that we have found to work the best for most people.


Condition: Brand New and lightly used

3 year warranty:  Our 3 year warranty applies to our lightly used machines and new machines.  The warranty does not apply to very used machines.

Included:  Machine, hose, power cord, carry case, accessories  (all you need is a mask)


Resvent Auto CPAP iBreeze 20A
Sensitivity to auto-inspiratory triggers
Features of the Auto Expiratory Trigger Sensitivity Support

Detection of respiratory events:
a stairwell
Automobile Ramp
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) (Intelligent pressure release)
Height can be changed automatically.
Compensation for leakage
Turning on and off automatically
Fit of the mask
Compensation for the circuit.

Features that add value:
Luminance of the screen can be adjusted automatically.
Mode of power conservation
Alarm clock and time
Configuration of the unit
Setting with several languages
Results of self-examination
Patient report on the main screen

Features of the Humidity Setting:
Humidifier built-in
Water level detection
Anti-leakage in the water tank’s inclined position.

System for data management:
Data storage on SD cards with high resolution (10 years);
1 year statistical data storage unit with 1-week high resolution;
WiFi, Bluetooth, and a GPRS device are all available.
Patients’ data is shared synchronously through several platforms (Android, iOS, GPRS)